Spring Sandals!
It is time to bring out those fabulous sandals of yours! Your toes will thank you! But first, let me show you some of mu must have sandals for thsi spring!

1) Bamboo Mirabel-01 Jelly Strappy Round Toe Heel • Colors: Balck, White, Nude, Turquoise, Hot Pink • Brand: Urbanog • $17.50 (http://www.urbanog.com/Bamboo-Mirabel-01-Jelly-Strappy-Round-Toe-Heel_100_42556.html)

2) Bamboo Lynna-78 Cut Out Ankle Strap Flat Sandal • Colors: Red, Black, Chestnut • Brand: Urbanog • $20.50 (http://www.urbanog.com/Bamboo-Lynna-78-Cut-Out-Ankle-Strap-Flat-Sandal_111_43277.html)

3) Bamboo Amira-01 Fisherman Jelly Caged Flat Sandal • Colors: Nude, Black, Sea, Coral • Brand: Urbanog • $18.40 (http://www.urbanog.com/Bamboo-Amira-01-Fisherman-Jelly-Caged-Flat-Sandal_111_42997.html)

4) Qupid Identity-20 Strappy Open Toe Flat Sandal • Colors: Taupe, White, Yellow Snake • Brand: Urbanog • $21.20 (http://www.urbanog.com/Qupid-Identity-20-Strappy-Open-Toe-Flat-Sandal_100_42546.html)

5) Bamboo Idris-16 Crinkle Perforated Slingback Flat Sandal • Colors: White • Brand: Urbanog • $21.20 (http://www.urbanog.com/Bamboo-Idris-16-Crinkle-Perforated-Slingback-Flat-Sandal_100_41649.html)

I hope you enjoy these and your spring sandals!

XO Mack

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